Renowned around the globe for its natural rhythm and undeniable soundtrack: Jamaica is the home of reggae’s musical roots. Its groove is infectious – from the smiles of the local people to the warmth of the sea breeze. Jamaica might be known for its fabulous hotel resorts, suitable for all the family, but step outside your all-inclusive comfort zone and you’ll discover so much more. The water is great for snorkelling and scuba-diving but if you prefer to take things easy, bamboo-raft excursions might be for you.

And of course, when in Jamaica, you’ve got to make the most of the succulent jerk-seasoned cuisine. From chicken and pork to saltfish and ackee, your taste buds will be opened to a whole new world of flavour. Golfing is a popular activity on the island so why not try your hand at teeing off against the incredible Montego Bay backdrop?


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